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Tools that private landlords cant access – Part 1

Tools that private landlords cant access – Part 3

Tools that private landlords cant access – Part 2

Tools that private landlords cant access – Part 4

Tenant selection

Selecting a tenant is one of the most important roles of a property manager. To ensure we have the right tenant for you we follow a rigid process where all potential tenants are subjected to the following:

  • A TPS tenant check – this is a nationwide database which will pick up tenancy tribunal decisions, criminal convictions and more.
  • Two references checked, provided by the prospective tenant.
  • A credit check – available upon a landlord’s request.

Rents received

  • Daily banking for rent received.
  • If rent is missed on due day, the tenant receives text alerts also followed up by email and phone calls.


  • Fees apon request
  • Letting fee to be discussed 
  • No fees for property inspections
  • No fees for statements
  • No fees for maintenance
  • No fees for mediation
  • No fees for tenancy tribunal representation, excluding meth contamination

Property maintenance

We are happy to arrange a quote for most maintenance which you authorise, with the flexibility of being able to choose whether you prefer to pay direct or you want us to pay from rental income.


We want you to stay on the right side of the law, so all properties  are expected to comply with RTA regulations for smoke alarms and insulation. Let us help you to stay compliant

Rental Appraisal

Kaimai Property Management will supply you with a free rental appraisal for prospective investors – we are happy to work with any sales agent you already work with.